Vision Therapy

Optometric Vision Therapy is devoted to developing, improving and enhancing visual performance. Vision therapy can benefit people of all ages.

Over several decades, behavioural optometrists have developed and used vision therapy – in combination with appropriate, carefully selected lenses to:

  • Prevent vision and eye problems from developing
  • Develop the visual skills needed to achieve more effectively at school, work or play
  • Enhance functioning on tasks that demand sustained visual effort
  • Remediate or compensate for vision and eye problems, which have already developed

Through vision therapy, people are able to develop more efficient visual performance.

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behavioural optometry

Antony Austin are specialist Behavioural Optometrists, with an interest in how vision affects human performance.

This includes developmental, functional and neuro-optometry.

Behavioural Optometrists will use a range of treatments to help their patients learn and function more efficiently. This can be applicable for any age group, not just children.

Not all optometrists practice behavioural optometry.

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